Cry havoc, and let slip the Dogs of Phwoar.


Every now and then something really very different comes along. Something with a bit of style, a bit of flair, and that certain something that makes them stand out from the crowd. One such band is Rent,


Gary Williams, Sandman: Review of ps…, February 2007


Rent were dirty, arty, trashy, thrashy, breezy and sleazy. Their songs were the aural equivalent of glamour models with cheap speed in their knee high boots. Or, put simply, they were fantastic.




Rent are the perfect band…they sound exactly like they should…a mixture of David Bowie, The Divine Comedy all with staging by Elton John…the music begins and you are immediately taken to a place where the rain has glitter in it and everyone wears eyeliner stylishly – even the girls!

Cathryn Smith, studentguru.co.uk:


With dandyish suavity, musicianship soaking from their pores and an aesthetic ranging from Buggles-Britpop to Flaming Lips/Bowie-esque grandeur


Dave Beveridge, Mono



“A fabulous mash-up of high art and trash culture.  The Sparks meet Supertramp played by My Life Story…epic kitchen sink sleazy glamour
Rob Chapman, The HiFi Club, Leeds, 2004

“Like a three way traincrash between the Rocky Horror show, the Scissor Sisters and the Divine Comedy and bugger me if it isn’t the most entertaining gig I have seen in Leeds…wonderfully enjoyable, brilliantly performed and enticingly camp. There is nobody who entertains like Rent. I implore you to go and see them.
Stu Hudson, leedsmusicscene.net, 2005

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